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We Love Linux

While we have absolutely nothing against Windows (seriously, we use PowerShell and Windows PCs every day!), our passion really lies in Linux. The majority of the articles on are related to Linux. Feel free to add a comment or ask a question. We encourage your participation!

Why don't you check our our Walkthroughs section to see what we have in store?

Accepting New Recruits

It's never to early to start administering a Linux system.

And Wireshark too

Congestion, flooding, latency - what's a sysadmin to do? Capturing packets, identifying trafffic patterns, and following logic seems like a good idea to me.

Why don't you check out our Wireshark walkthroughs.

Nuts and Bolts

This website is proudly powered by Nginx on Docker, PHP FPM on Docker, and MariaDB on Docker.

We Want You

Your feedback and comments are critical. Please comment on any article. Your questions and comments help us to improve the quality of our articles.

A Band of One

FreeKB is my brainchild. I am located in the USA. I love to learn new things - I think brains are pretty cool, especially when put to good use.

While it is no surprise that I love computers and technology, I actually have a variety of interests. I really enjoy music. - Jeremy Canfield

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