Bootstrap About PaceSetters

PaceSetters of the Fox Cities

PaceSetters is a running / walking club based out of the Fox Cities in central Wisconsin.

We are a group of runners that, lo and behold, like to run!

From spring through autumn, we have weekly training runs where we provide aid stations with water. And heart healthy bananas too!

We are a friendly group of ole chaps

For real, no joke! I remember on one of my introductory runs with PaceSetters telling my spouse "that a jovial group of folks".

We have Fun!

From spring through autumn, we have a once a month fun run, followed by food and socailizing. We also have a Christmas Dinner Party each December.

We volunteer and we give back to our community.

We have many volunteers that help with various running events. We have also raised and donated over $100,000 to Saint Joe's Food.

Saving you money baby!

Our member get discounts on local races and at local running stores.

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Now is the time. Join us!

Like seriously, what are you waiting for? Become one of us. Sign up Now!