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October 2023

Pacesetters Christmas Party – save the date!!

Our annual Christmas Party will be on Saturday December 9th, with social starting at 5:30 and dinner at 6:00 at the following beautiful venue.

Harley-Davidson Academy
5322 Clairemont Dr
Appleton, WI
(SW corner of Hwy 15 and McCarthy Rd.)

The menu will include parmesan chicken, fish, and a vegetarian option. Each person will receive plenty of swag from Santa. Registration is being set up soon, we will let you know when it is ready.

Fun Run

Next Fun Run

Wednesday October 11th 6:00 at Harley Davidson

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This will be an out and back route due to how quickly it’s getting dark now, there will be 1, 3 and 6 mile options.

Our main course of food will be chili, we will have a starter batch in a cooker that you can dump yours into, as well as a vegan chili. Or if you want to isolate your vegan or spicy hot recipe separately from the others, bring your own crock pot.

We will supply crackers, French bread, cheese, and sour cream to complement the meal. Or bring fruit, chips, or dessert, or please consider making a donation if you are not bringing anything.

Fun Run Directions

  • 1 Leave Harley Davidson Parking Lot
  • 2 Left on Clairemont Dr
  • 3 Cross McCarthy Rd and stay on trails
  • 4 Right on McCarthy Rd
  • 5 Left on West Greenville Dr
  • 6 Turn Left on Trail Frontage Rd
  • 7 Turn Left on Trail on Federated Rd
  • 8 Turn Right on Trail on Casaloma Dr
  • 9 (1.5 mile Turn Around) in front of El Agave
  • 10 Turn Right on Trail behind Ball Park
  • 11 Follow Trail until Bluemound Dr
  • 12 (3 mile Turn Around) Corner of Bluemound Dr
  • 13 Return on same route to Harley Davidson
  • Tips and Tricks

    Marathon Training Tips Wisdom

    from Coach Ben, 9 weeks prior to NYC Marathon

    Setbacks happen in your training, even when things are going great, but you feel like you're running in place. There are reasons for why these things happen.

  • SETBACK #1 – MENTAL FATIGUE We often talk about the physical fatigue of marathon training, but mental fatigue happens too. It takes a lot to train for 26.2 miles and sometimes a simple change in the routine can liven things up. TIP #1 – Make simple changes to your routine to reignite your training fire. Remove a workout, add a race to your calendar, find a new place to run. These simple changes to your routine can break the mental fog and reignite that training fire.

  • SETBACK #2 – ADAPTATIONS As you’re going through training, your body is adapting to new stresses. TIP #2 – Work through the adaptations you have to make for each workout. While these stresses are intended to help flex the physical muscle, not all workouts will go as planned. Working through these adaptations with patience will be key, as on race day, the marathon will put all of them to the test.

  • SETBACK #3 – OVERTRAINING Running and extra credit are not a good mix. TIP #3 – Don't do too much, too fast, too soon. Doing too much, too fast, too soon can lead to injury. Make sure you're taking your rest days off and balancing your weekly miles. Ensure your sleep game is on point and stay on top of that hydration and nutrition for a successful race day.

  • While setbacks are never fun or easy, they can be building blocks for success. Work through the mental fatigue, be patient with your adaptations, and having a strong healthy body will be beneficial on race day.

    Running News

    Other upcoming local running events

    As our weather begins to cool, fall in Wisconsin becomes a great place to run. Check out these local race events

    Run DePere Half Marathon

    November 19, 2023

    Houdini 10k

    November 04, 2023

    The Wisconsin Beer Run

    Sunday, October 29 2023

    YMCA Freaky 5k

    Sunday, October 28 2023

    Race Recap

    Community First Fox Cities Marathon Recap

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    This year's Community First Fox Cities Marathon was held recently on a beautiful September morning. For a change there was no bright sunshine to run into for the first couple of eastward miles, with some cloud cover instead. The sun eventually did shine, with pleasant temperatures and fairly low humidity. There were many smiling faces afterwards, most runners were pleased with their runs and the PR bell was rung many times.

    At least 2 records were broken. Marine Corps veteran and Appleton firefighter Cory Asimus shattered a World Record completing the Full 26.2 miles while carrying a 100-pound rucksack in 4:53, bettering the record by ten minutes. And Atlanta native Jordan Crawford, who recently moved to Menasha, broke the Community First Fox Cities Marathon record for Competitive Walkers completing the Half course in 1:41. He is capable of walking at a 6:30/mile pace and is hopeful of qualifying for the US Olympic team in 2024. Congratulations to all participants!!

    Group Runs

    Come join us for Saturday morning runs

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    Now that the Community First Fox Cities Marathon training runs are over, please consider joining us for our weekly Saturday 8:00 am runs occurring now through May from the Copper Rock Coffee Shop on College Ave, Appleton, near the Houdini Square

    The full route is 10 miles, but there are options to reduce that length as desired. Pacesetters member John Ebel kindly sets up water for us in his driveway before mile 5. Coffee social afterwards.

    This is a great way to keep ourselves active during the off months, as runners are there even when the weather turns cold and snowy. If this does not sound like you, throw on some extra layers and give it a try, you may surprise yourself at how well you can acclimate yourself to running outdoors during WI winters and actually grow to enjoy it! Come join the fun!

    Beer Mile World Classic

    Many of us runners enjoy having a refreshing cold beer after we complete our race, but who knew that in the vast world of extreme sports there actually exists a subculture known as "digestive athletics."

    The Beer Mile event is run on a ¼ mile track. At race start, the competitors must drink one 12 oz beer before crossing the start line. Then after each of the first 3 laps another beer must be consumed before starting that next lap. A "reversal of fortune" results in disqualification, so each competitor must hold down all of their beer.

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    This year the event returned to American soil in Chicago with serious competitors travelling from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, and Sweden. Both the men’s and women’s World Record times were broken this year.

    Corey Bellemore of Canada completed his mile and 48 ozs of beer in an unbelievable time of 4:28 while on the women’s side Shelby Houlihan of Great Britain posted an impressive 5:43. Cheers!!

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    Running News

    Courtney Dauwalter is the G.O.A.T.

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    Courtney Dauwalter has just wrapped up the summer of a lifetime, becoming the first person to win three of ultrarunning's most iconic races in one year.

    On June 24th, Courtney won the 2023 Western States 100 in a course record time of 15:29:34. Three weeks later, Courtney won Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run in a course record time of 26:14:08.

    Two iconic races, two course records in an unprecendented and impressive Double.

    With UTMB Mont-Blanc just one month later, conventional wisdom was that Courtney would miss the race that she won in 2019 and 2021 and holds the female course record.

    Courtney is many things. Conventional is not one of them. The Double would become a Triple.

    She started the race with the #1 on her bib. She finished in the #1 position with another dominating performance in 23:29:14. Courtney has made history and continues to challenge what is possible in our sport.

    Photo: Alexis Berg, Salomon